Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ill Be Back Soon

Hey Beauties,

Some of you may be wondering where am i? I have been in America for a week now :). Loving every minute of it. 

I thought i would get a chance to blog. But no :( after we have been out all day i just went to go to bed and i don't want my blog posts to be rushed. As i want to get all the price listings and compare them form the USA to Australia. I wish i had the change to blog everyday like i thought i would but i just don't have the time. Im sorry Beauties i have missed you all. Trust me i have also missed blogging. 

Everything will be up after i get back. 
Here is a few upcoming hauls.
Hello Kitty 
Bath and body works
Victorias Secrets.
What is IMATS
and of course two weeks after i get back i have IMATS and The ABBW. (The Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend)

Today I went to Disneyland.
I hope you are all staying safe.      
Have a fun weekend.
Miss you all. 


  1. Looks like a fun vacation and haul! :) Btw I found your blog today thru blog hop and Im your newest follower! :)

  2. @Jyz Thanks for following hun. Things have been very slow since i have been away. But ill be back in a few days. Then all the fun starts :) hauling, Reviews and IMATS also The Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend. xxxx