Friday, 19 August 2011

CND Shellac Nails

Today i got my nails done with Shellac. For America so i don't have to worry about my nails. Also the stress free of finding time to paint them. In The past month or 2 I have been hearing a lot of CND Shellac and how everyone is loving it. So i had to try it of course. Being a beauty lover i love knowing whats new on the market and whats the new craze. I was going to get them done for IMATS but i was like nahhh ill get them done now and then for IMATS. Thats if they last 2 weeks on me. 

What is Shellac?
Shellac is a nail polish thats sets the same way as Gel nails. Last for 2 weeks and does not chip.
The nail polish is set the same way as Gel under a UV light to curer the polish. 
There is 3 steps Base, Colour then Top Coat like any normal polish routine. 

For my local nail salon it is 
$25 for nails. 
$35 for toes. 
I find that so cheap as i have heard they can cost at least $50. 

As i got my nails for that price im just wondering if its the real CND Shellac. The bottle had the CND on the bottle and everything. 
I guess i just have to wait and see then ill be abel to post my real thoughts about the product.

Today i went for a pink  (of course i would) 

CND shellac in Tutti Frutti 

Do you like my sexy Toes? EWWW

CND Shellac as have Removal Wraps. That remove the polish :) I placed a order on ebay so ill let you all know how i go.

This will be my last blog Till i hit the USA 

Have a great weekend Beauties 


  1. Hey Stef, Here in Australia its much more expensive for anything really. Beauty products are at least double here. For a normal mani its about $20

  2. Hey, stumbled across your blog, and it's awesome :) I'm from Melbourne too ^^ and have fun in the US.
    Yeah, makeup, etc is so pricey here, especially MAC ><
    I usually do my own nails, cos I'm always broke :P And that's a gorgeous pink :D

  3. Hey Michelle,

    Welcome to my Blog :D

    Fly out in just under 12 hours.

    I hope to speak to you real soon :)

  4. Dying to try Shellac- loving masquerade!!