Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ill Be Back Soon

Hey Beauties,

Some of you may be wondering where am i? I have been in America for a week now :). Loving every minute of it. 

I thought i would get a chance to blog. But no :( after we have been out all day i just went to go to bed and i don't want my blog posts to be rushed. As i want to get all the price listings and compare them form the USA to Australia. I wish i had the change to blog everyday like i thought i would but i just don't have the time. Im sorry Beauties i have missed you all. Trust me i have also missed blogging. 

Everything will be up after i get back. 
Here is a few upcoming hauls.
Hello Kitty 
Bath and body works
Victorias Secrets.
What is IMATS
and of course two weeks after i get back i have IMATS and The ABBW. (The Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend)

Today I went to Disneyland.
I hope you are all staying safe.      
Have a fun weekend.
Miss you all. 

Friday, 19 August 2011

CND Shellac Nails

Today i got my nails done with Shellac. For America so i don't have to worry about my nails. Also the stress free of finding time to paint them. In The past month or 2 I have been hearing a lot of CND Shellac and how everyone is loving it. So i had to try it of course. Being a beauty lover i love knowing whats new on the market and whats the new craze. I was going to get them done for IMATS but i was like nahhh ill get them done now and then for IMATS. Thats if they last 2 weeks on me. 

What is Shellac?
Shellac is a nail polish thats sets the same way as Gel nails. Last for 2 weeks and does not chip.
The nail polish is set the same way as Gel under a UV light to curer the polish. 
There is 3 steps Base, Colour then Top Coat like any normal polish routine. 

For my local nail salon it is 
$25 for nails. 
$35 for toes. 
I find that so cheap as i have heard they can cost at least $50. 

As i got my nails for that price im just wondering if its the real CND Shellac. The bottle had the CND on the bottle and everything. 
I guess i just have to wait and see then ill be abel to post my real thoughts about the product.

Today i went for a pink  (of course i would) 

CND shellac in Tutti Frutti 

Do you like my sexy Toes? EWWW

CND Shellac as have Removal Wraps. That remove the polish :) I placed a order on ebay so ill let you all know how i go.

This will be my last blog Till i hit the USA 

Have a great weekend Beauties 

Travel Tips part 3- MAKEUP

Okay Beauties,
So i have left the hardest section of all Make-Up. For anyone who has had to pack and can't decide on what to take i'm sure you can feel my pain right now. 
This has taken over a week to pick what i needed and wanted. 
I know i'm going to be stocking up as everyone said i will. But out of the whole 2 weeks i have 3 shopping days. I know i'm not going to need half the stuff i take. But hey we are beauty lovers and we need our makeup more then clothes or shoes. Well thats how i feel :)

I have taken a mini size mascara. I have so many from GWP and free samples. Im sure if you go to any beauty counter and ask for a sample they will give you one. (thats if they beauty adviser are nice and not rude).

To save space on both my Foundations Day and Night i have De-poted them into small jars :) Of course priceline sell these for around $5.

As its summer time over the i have picked out all summer colours like Pink, Peaches and Corals also added a red Lipstick. :D

The UD naked palette is perfect for travel as you can do so many looks with just the one palette. You can also go from day to night. 

Okay so here it goes This is what I'm taking along with me 

Face Products Including my MAC and Clinique Foundations.


Eye Products.


Lip Products. I love my lipsticks.

  • I forgot to add a MSF 

Have a great Friday Night :)

Face Of The Night

Hey Beauties,

I know its been almost a week. But i have been so busy with everything that i forgot to put up my FOTN. I think thats correct Face of the night? My brain is all over the place. 

I always feel that my post on FOTD and FOTN are very short and quick. Please let me know if you like it this way :)


  • Laura Mercier Primer
  • MAC Studio Fix Foundation
  • MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
  • MAC Skin Finish in Light Flush
  • Too Face Shadow Insurance
  • MAC Eyeshadows in Electra and Black Tied
  • Victoria Jackson Eyeshadow Stick in white 
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara 


  • MAC Blush in Pink Swoon 

  • MAC Lipstick in All Styled up  

Love Melissa

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Hey Beauties, 

Yesterday i was tagged by Emma to do a IMATS Tag so here i go. 

1. Which IMATS are you attending?
This year ill be attending the Sydney Imats in Australia. Along with a Beauty bloggers weekend THEABBW2011

2. Have you ever been to IMATS Before?
This is my FIRST time :). Im so excited.

3. How are you getting there?
I'm flying up with emma. I know Emma is afraid of flying don't stress hun Ill be here for your. 

4. Are you bringing anyone along?
Im going with emma. Then meeting up with around 80 other Beauty Bloggers.

5. Is there anything else in the IMATS city that you want to see?
We will be getting to Sydney around 8 I think so we have the day to go see everything as I have not been to Sydney before.

6.What days will you be in the city for IMATS?
Ill be there from Friday till sunday.

7. Who do you want to meet?
All the lovely Beauty Bloggers. We all tweet and comment on each others blogs. I cant wait to see them face to face. I also hope that EnKoreMakeup.

8. What companies are you excited to see?
MAC of course, OCC, Inglot, Crown and Ben Nye.

9. What products are you looking for?
Eyeshadows, Blushes, Lip Tars and Brushes. 

10. How much do you plan to spend?
I have no idea how much ill spend. As this is my first time i don't know what to expect. 

11. What do you want to get out of IMATS?
For IMATS I know I'm going to get so much new information. New brands and Up coming products. Im going to be a kid in a candy store. As some products are hard to get access. 

As for THEABBW (The Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend)
There is so many events planed for us. I just cant wait to see everyone and meet new people who love the same things i do. :)

I tag everyone who will be attending any IMATS this year.

Love Melissa

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Illamasqua Summer Sale

Hey Beauties,

Illamasqua have a awesome sale at the moment. Items form $5, $10 and 25% off.
2 weeks ago a i placed a order and yesterday i received my package :).
I picked out 5 items but forgot it was in GBP but remember here in Australia we pay so much more. So all together plus shipping was all under $100.

Illamasqua have a lot of items on sale. Lipgloss, Lipsticks, Eyeshadows, Mascara, Eye pencils, Foundation, Bronzers, Liquid metals, Pigments, Eye Lashes and SO MUCH MORE.

If you have never tried Illamasqua and would love to. This is the best time to pick up so great items.

Items i picked up where.

  • Powder Blush in Kiss
  • Pure Pigment in Lust 
  • Liquid Metal in Superior
  • Lipstick in Wanton
  • Nail Polish in Eclipse


Powder Blush-Kiss

Liquid Metal-Superior

Lipstick- Wanton

Pure Pigment-Lust

Love Melissa


Hey Beauties, 

I have been thinking for the past few days about my blog. While I'm in america I would like to blog once a day if i get a chance. Would you rather me blog about beauty? Then create a different blog just for america. I was thinking some ladies and guys would like to see all the things Im doing and some will just want beauty.

Its also a great way for our families and my Partner and I look back remember all the good times. :D

Please let me know your opinion. Im stuck on this lol.

Love Melissa

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Re-Draw Winner :)

Hey Beauties,

In 4 days it would have been a month since I did my first Blog Competition. I have no heard from the winner of the Estee Lauder  Advance Night Repair Serum. So i have decided to announce a new winner. 

AND THE WINNER IS:   Di From Max The Unicorn 

Congratulations Di 

Please email me your address and ill send it off on friday. My email is 

Love Melissa

Monday, 15 August 2011

Nails Of the Week.

Hey Beauties, 

Its been a few weeks but i finally have put up another NOTW.
Im always sticking to the same colours Pinks,Purples and greens. But i want to try more colours and experiment with dark colours and all different shades.

This week i used Sally Hansen. Ill pop up a review once I buy more as I'm starting to love this company.

  • Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in 370 Commander In Chic
  • OPI Base Coat 
  • Jessica High Gloss in a Flash Top Coat 

Have a great week Beauties.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Travel Tips Part 2- Hair Care

Happy weekend Beauties,

                                    Here is part 2 of my Travel Tips. I have downsized on everything from Toothpaste  to Moroccan oil :D. Places like Target, Big W, K-Mart and Priceline now carry mini size products just for your travel needs also easy for your handbag.

As you know hotels have Hair dryers so i don't need to take one Thank god. But i'm Take my GHD straighter. I just hope it works as last time my old Hair Straighter never worked :( so i went 3 weeks without one. (never thought to buy one lol ) 

From Priceline I picked up a pack of 3 empty Bottles for my Shampoo, Conditioner and colour Shampoo. Im not 100% sure on the price but it was around $6 for the set. This is also great for Body Moisturiser, Sunscreen and cleanser if you don't have any mini size products and want to de-pot your products.

Hair Spray: I received this hair spray form a l'oreal Fashion Festival. But Priceline have this on special for $3.99 For 75ml. But i'm pretty sure you can pick up cheaper ones.

Heat Protector: I picked this up from Aldi but i have seen this at Coles. Its the Toni and Guy Iron-it Heat Defence Spray 50ml. Im not 100% sure on the price i'm thinking around $3.

Moroccan Oil: I in love with this brand. I cant live without. I can do a review if anyone is interested. But i picked up the 25ml just to trial it out and see if i liked it. So when i picked up the full size i kept the 25ml bottle just in case i needed it. I did :) i just filled it up from my bigger bottle.

Hair Ties and Bobby Pins: I picked up a back of 20 hair ties and 50 bobby pins as i needed some anyway. But was surprised me was when i opened the packets the are in a small zip lock pocket :) PERFECT. 

As for my hair brush i could get a small brush but because i have suck long thick hair. I need my big brush. But you can always pick up a small brush or one of the ones that fold up. That also contains a      mirror. 

I hope i could help you in the Hair Care area. 
Part 3 will be the hardest of them all Make-Up

Have a great saturday night Beauties.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Todays FOTD

Hey Beauties,

The weekend is finally here yay!!. So today i have a few appointments to get all ready for america. I saw a local salon that does Shellac  should i? please let me know.

So Here is todays FOTD.

Laura Mercier Primer.
Mac Studio fix Foundation.
Bobbi Brown Concealer.
Today skipped my powder.

Chanel Iilium Quad. 
Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara.

Kit Lipstick in Fire Lighter.

Today i got my hair cut :D 
ASAP ill be doing a colour maybe tonight or tomorrow.

Have a great weekend Beauties. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

August Lust Have It Box!

Hey beauties,

Finally the wait is over Australias first ever Beauty deluxe sample box.
I have been postie stalking all week and i finally got mine today.
There is 2 items in the box that i have full size so guess what great for travel :)


All nicely wrapped up


BACK OF THE CARD: This gice you details of all prouducst and the Retail Price.


My samples included

Dermalogica Microfoliant 13g
BioEffect EGF Serum 3ml
Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme 8.5g
Naked Tan Goddess Bronze 30ml
Minrenesses Velvet Lip Plumper 4.5g

And a bonus Armani sport code for men 15ml

Cost: $14.95 a month

On the first on each month if it falls on the weekend the next working day. $14.95 is taken out of your account untill you  cancel your subscription. Or pay a one offf fee of $160.

Today beauty-box sent out exclusive invites. Im just about to place my order.

Let me know your thoughts on your Lust box.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Travel Tips Part 1- Skin Care

Hey Beauties,

                      As most of you know im off to the USA in only 10 days. One of the main reasons is to shop i know sounds stupid. But i have been saving for 9 months :D.
So i thought i would do a a few blog post of my travel tips. Now most of my tips is how to pack light and not take full size products.

Ill share with you some of my tips then photos of how I have packed my items.

  • Always go into Myer or David Jones and see if they can give you samples of you favourite skin care and purfume.
  • Some times both Myer and David Jones hand out deluxe samples (Around 2 weeks supply) this is perfect for your holiday.
  • GWP if you know your going away alwasy keep your GWP most include eyemakeup removal, foundation and skin care all deluxe samples.
  • Never throw away any samples as you may need them for when you go away. I found so many items i never knew i had and is pefect for me.
  • Always try and take small items and not your normal size producst.
  • You can always go into Priceline or Target and get pots, jars and bottles if you want to de-pot any items  (as you will see in some of my pictures)

 Ill be taking away my Clarsoinc Mia as both john and I use it on a daily basis and i know my skin will hate me if i dont take it. (Im trying to make john buy me a leopard print as he uses mine twice a day)

Cleanser: Now im not 100% sure what one to take. As my sample size Shu Uemura may last me over a week. But i have been thinking ill be buying cleansers over there so i may as well take the smaller one :D

Eye Makeup remover:  For some reason i had 3 of these i think i recieved them from fellow beauty lovers while doing swaps. So i used my other 2 (best remover ever) and kept this one.  Its 30ml and will last me my whole trip. You can also get these with Lancomes GWP.

Toner: Ill be using my Clinique Toner 15ml that i recived as Deluxe sample from Myer. This was part of a 2 week sample supply. I do have a much bigger one but i don't want to be lugging that around with me.

Moisturizer: I use Kiehl's as my moisturizer. But to save in size i brought a set of pots from Manicare for around $5. I used both pots one for my bag (just in case) and the other for my suitecase.

As a gift from a very good beauty friend of mine Jo (as she knew i was going away) i recieved a swisspers travel kit that included
  • 20 Round make-up pads 
  • 20 Cotton tips
  • 5 Cucumber Facial Cleansing Wipes
  • 5 Facial Wips
This is perfect as ill use them all up and then use the bag for makeup for when i stock up.

And last but not least last week while i was in Target i picked up some SkinVitals facial masks. They where on sale for $1.88 each. As some on you know while up in the air you'r skin can become dry. So while everyone is sleeping ill pop this on :)

I hope you having a great week Beauties. I also hope this can help you. Part 2 will be Hair Care :)