Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Travel Tips Part 1- Skin Care

Hey Beauties,

                      As most of you know im off to the USA in only 10 days. One of the main reasons is to shop i know sounds stupid. But i have been saving for 9 months :D.
So i thought i would do a a few blog post of my travel tips. Now most of my tips is how to pack light and not take full size products.

Ill share with you some of my tips then photos of how I have packed my items.

  • Always go into Myer or David Jones and see if they can give you samples of you favourite skin care and purfume.
  • Some times both Myer and David Jones hand out deluxe samples (Around 2 weeks supply) this is perfect for your holiday.
  • GWP if you know your going away alwasy keep your GWP most include eyemakeup removal, foundation and skin care all deluxe samples.
  • Never throw away any samples as you may need them for when you go away. I found so many items i never knew i had and is pefect for me.
  • Always try and take small items and not your normal size producst.
  • You can always go into Priceline or Target and get pots, jars and bottles if you want to de-pot any items  (as you will see in some of my pictures)

 Ill be taking away my Clarsoinc Mia as both john and I use it on a daily basis and i know my skin will hate me if i dont take it. (Im trying to make john buy me a leopard print as he uses mine twice a day)

Cleanser: Now im not 100% sure what one to take. As my sample size Shu Uemura may last me over a week. But i have been thinking ill be buying cleansers over there so i may as well take the smaller one :D

Eye Makeup remover:  For some reason i had 3 of these i think i recieved them from fellow beauty lovers while doing swaps. So i used my other 2 (best remover ever) and kept this one.  Its 30ml and will last me my whole trip. You can also get these with Lancomes GWP.

Toner: Ill be using my Clinique Toner 15ml that i recived as Deluxe sample from Myer. This was part of a 2 week sample supply. I do have a much bigger one but i don't want to be lugging that around with me.

Moisturizer: I use Kiehl's as my moisturizer. But to save in size i brought a set of pots from Manicare for around $5. I used both pots one for my bag (just in case) and the other for my suitecase.

As a gift from a very good beauty friend of mine Jo (as she knew i was going away) i recieved a swisspers travel kit that included
  • 20 Round make-up pads 
  • 20 Cotton tips
  • 5 Cucumber Facial Cleansing Wipes
  • 5 Facial Wips
This is perfect as ill use them all up and then use the bag for makeup for when i stock up.

And last but not least last week while i was in Target i picked up some SkinVitals facial masks. They where on sale for $1.88 each. As some on you know while up in the air you'r skin can become dry. So while everyone is sleeping ill pop this on :)

I hope you having a great week Beauties. I also hope this can help you. Part 2 will be Hair Care :)


  1. Nice! It is getting closer and exciting! Have fun and a safe trip :)

  2. So close. The waitimg is almost over :)

  3. Very exciting! Clinique 2week supply are the best size for travelling -they are big enough to last awhile but don't take up much room!

    Face wipes are a must, and I would also pack a face mist for the flight!!

  4. US you lucky thing!! Am off to Vanuatu on Wed and thinking about my cosmetic packing so a timely read! I love the Shu U oil- just finished a sample & think I will bring my Mia too. I have lost of cute Kiehls minis as well that will replace my usual cleansers etc

  5. Hey hun, Did you like the Shu U? Have fun on wed sun,food,drinks and pool time. That will be my next holiday lol :) xxxx