Wednesday, 7 September 2011

MAC Haul Part 1

Hey Beauties,

                I'm baccccck. I have been in America for he past 2 weeks. I did not want to leave America. I had such a fun time and also the shopping was amazing. I now don't have room for all my makeup anymore. I have so many hauls to show you. But ill spread it our so its not a lot of hauls at once.

Today is my part one of my MAC haul from Hollywood. Ill add the prices of items so you get a good idea of how much we get ripped off. There will be 3 price sections. The price i payed for having a MACPRO card, USA price and AUS price.

Ill also include pictures and swatches :) So here i go.

MAC Wipes 

Pant Pots in Painterly, Quite Natural and Inianwood

Indianwood, Quite Natural, Painterly

Lip Liners In Synch, Cherry, Naked Liner

In Synch, Cherry and Naked Liner

Pro Longwear in Love Forever and Good to go.

Good to go and Love Forever

Sheen Supreme in New Temptation

New Temptation

Amplified Cream: Saint Germain and Snob

Snob and Saint Germain 

I do have a Foundation pump but though i would keep that picture out.

Now for the prices:
                                              MACPRO        USD           AUD
Mac Wipes                            $11. 40            $19.00         $44.00

Paint Pot (Painterly)              $10.50             $17.50         $35.00

Paint Pot (Quiet Natural)      $10.50             $17.50         $35.00

Paint Pot (Indianwood)         $10.50             $17.50         $35.00

Lipstick (Saint Germain)         $8.78              $14.50        $36.00

Foundation Pump                   $4.20               $7.00          $8.00

Lipstick (Snob)                      $8.70               $14.50        $36.00

Lipstick (Good to go)            $10.20             $17.00        $40.00

Lipstick (Love Forever)        $10.20             $17.00         $40.00

Lipstick (New Temptation)    $8.70               $14.50        $30.00

Lip Liner (Cherry)                 $8.40               $14.00         $30.00

Lip Liner (In Synch)              $8.40               $14.00         $30.00

Lip Liner (Naked Liner)        $8.40               $14.00         $30.00

Total Includes Tax:               $129.20            $213.00     $424.00

I saved a total of $294.80. John said to me i wont be buying from Australia anymore. He finally understands how much more i would pay if i just went into a shop. 

I hope you liked my haul. Way more to come. 

If you have any questions please do ask.
I  hope your having a great week. Im just getting use to the time difference again.

Love Melissa 


  1. Welcome home :) I love the new temptation shade! The prices differences are ridic hey?!

  2. Hey Pie, Its good to be back home kinda. I missed blogging. So ridic :)

  3. Wow that's amazing savings!! Screw Australian prices

  4. OMG, what a haul! We really got rip off badly here in Australia shops!

  5. @ling I refuse to pay RRP here in Australia.

    @alicee I have a much bigger mac haul coming.

  6. Oh my stars Mel! that is crazytown! I knew we were being ripped off in Australia but I never know by how much! gosh no wonder I think it's so much cheaper now i'm in the UK. Would you be interested in seeing me do a similar price comparison with beauty products bought here in London compared to $AUS? So glad your back hon! xox

  7. I would love to see the price comparison in the UK.
    I'm happy to be back. Now whats next? We would do vegas for a week. We loved it there

  8. Great post on part of your MAC haul. Adore the variety of shades your bought. Can we plan a trip to the US just to shop as it is a great place to chill out and have some fun as well as pick up great bargains. I totally understand that you have run out of room for all your new makeup, lol!

  9. I am so glad that I purchased so many of my MAC products in the UK, as we totally get ripped off here in Oz! I now get a lot of my MAC products online from ACW. So much cheaper!