Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mels Makeup Emporium. (Last Post)

Hey Beauties,

Is that time now. Time to move from blogger and host my own domain.

Its has been very stressful but with may help from my beauty friends I have managed to move over :)

Firstly I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have followed and left many wonderful comments. :) Without you I would have given up many many months ago.

My new page is now:

There are a few ways you can follow:
  • Follow my blog by email. You can find this on the right hand side of my blog.
  • Follow me on twitter MissMACbeauty.
  • Bloglovin You can find this on my page. Or search
I hope to see you all on my new page :)


Sunday, 18 March 2012

A new Home

Hey Beauties,

Last night I decided to change my blog. 

I have changed my Blog name and Domain host. Already its been very stressful but I really think thats I need a good change and one of the main reasons is I am starting to hate the name Missmakeuplover. 

When I first started to blog I never really thought anything would come form it. As I was doing what I loved and that was talking about makeup and beauty. 

For a few weeks ill be still on blogspot and then once I fully move over Ill let you all know. 

My new Blogger name is:

Mels Makeup Emporium. 

Please head to and follow and spread the word

Ill be holding a few giveaways soon to celebrate my new site :) 


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Taylor Swift Melbourne 2012

Hey Beauties,

This past Monday I went to the Taylor Swift concert in Melbourne.
I must say it was amazing. Somehow my 2 friends and I made our way to almost the front :).
Taylor is so beautiful and was so jealous of how amazing her skin looks.

I wish I had better photos but the iphone can take some bad ones.

Here is just a little clip.

Did you go?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Weight Watchers: Week 1

Hey Beauties,

I know this is not beauty related but I wanted to share with you (each week) how I have been going with Weight Watchers.

Now some of you know both John and I did Light ad easy but that was just costing way too much. Also when the bills all come in we had no chance. What I really did not like was the fact that I was not learning how to eat well. 

So my Aunty wanted to start Weight Watchers and thought why not. 

At first I was so iffy with the whole point system and I did not want to be counting my food at all. But TBH its not that bad at all its kinda fun as when i looked at one TBS of Nutella 15 points thats half my points for the day gone. Fruit and Veg are 0 Points besides a few. It has been really easy to work it all out. John has been such a good help to me with the whole WW. When we go shopping he gets me to pull out my phone and calculate the points and see if we can get it or not. This is coming from a guy who always gets grumpy when food shopping and just wants to get out of there and hurries me up. But now we take our time. 

Both John and I have been doing WW for 2 weeks now. So my post for last week is very behind. 

I have some good news in the first week I had lost.

1.2 Kilos :) 

I have been drinking so much water and with dinner I have Diet Coke 0 points. 
I know work out all my meals before we go shopping and I can even have WW chocolate bars and ice cream. 

Some WW items are way too much and you can find items cheaper and less points. 
But if anyone wants some tips I can do that in a different post. 

So each week Ill be just doing a check in post and letting you know how I did for the week. :)

I’m waiting for my treadmill to arrive its been a week Hurry up. 

30% Off Z Palette.

Hey Beauties,

Just a quick little post to tell you that Z Palette are having 30% off the Pink and Leopard Palettes .Now is the perfect time to pick up a great bargain.

One week only from the 12-18 of march.

Photo from there facebook page.

Let me know if you pick any up.


Friday, 9 March 2012

March Lust Have It Box.

Hey Beauties,

For me this box had an awesome product the Karpatie DITO nail lacquer. I have never seen anything like this. At the bottom of the product it has 2 holes to place your fingers in so you can paint your nails while holding the bottle J
But on the other hand I feel like I’m getting the same brands like Davroe and Kosmea.

This month’s box contained not 1 but 4 Full sized products. So it was defiantly worth the money for sure.

 This month’s box contained.

Karpati DITO Nail Lacquer  RRP: $19.95 8ml

Long lasting, streak free formula with 27 fast drying shiny colours.
Davroe Moisture Senses Argan Oil RRP: $23.95 50ml
Weightless and non-greasy. Immediately absorbs into the hair with no build up.

Kosmea Moisture cream RRP: $49.95 50ml
Works to restore your skin’s radiance and protect it against the signs of premature aging.

1Skin Solutions Lip Balm in Vanilla RRP: $9.90 5g
Nourish and protect your pout with this sweet scented balm. Contains cocoa butter and Vitamin E.

Minrenesse Pearl  Crush Creasless Shadow RRP: $29.95 Full size.
Take your look from day to night with pure crushed natural minerals.

Lust Have it has also changed their card. The card now shows all the products and the description of each product now seems to be sort and sweet :)

What did you love from you'r box?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

OPI AutumnWinter Trends 2012

Hey Beauties,

Koren McKendrick OPI Educator and Stylest has Predicted that the Colours for this years AutumnWinter will be rich seductive shades of ruby-red and blue-red, burnt orange, tangerine, rustic pink, dark burgundy, plum & berry purples, eggplant purple, midnight blue, dark forest green, khakis, taupe and dark brown.

I am always the one to go for my light and bright colours. But lately my collection has been getting more dark and different colours that I would not go for.

Now that autumn is here and Winter just around the corner the last days of blights are over and I’m super excited to bring out more colours and not just the same old colours and maybe it’s time to pop the glitter aside till Spring. (Just maybe)

Here is a few colours that Koren has predicted:

Monsooner Or Later, Butch Ya Love OP1?, A Roll In The Hague, Got The Blues For Red.

Monsooner Or Later:
Red with a hint or Orange.

Dutch Ya Love OPI? (Holland Collection)
Purple with Micro Gold. When applied you can barley notice the gold untill you hit the light and gives of a nice rasin colour.



A Roll In The Hague (Holland Collection)
Bright Orange with a yellow undertone.

Got The Blues For Red:
This colour reminds me of a deep red blood :)

What Colours will you be wearing this Autumn?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

FOTD: With a special guest appearance by???

Hey Beauties,

I thought I would quickly put up a FOTD from last week :)

  • Laura Mercier Primer.
  • Clinique Rapidwear Laser Focus Foundation.
  • Australias Ready Set Go Powder.
  • Skin Foods Concealer.
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
  • MAC eyeshadows in Shroom (highlight) and Nocturnelle (main colour).
  • Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara.
  • Nars Eyebrow pencil.
  • MAC Blush in Breath Of Plum.
  • Face of Australia Illuminator in Angel Flame.
  • MAC Prep and Prime.
  • MAC Kissable Lip colour in Encahntee.


Dusty wanted to come say hello :)

Keep a eye out for my Soundwave 2012 FOTD.

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Hey Beauties,
I must admit for the past week I have not washed my face at all. I know right with working heaps this week I have been lazy but that’s still not a good enough reason.

So after I had a shower and washed my face for th first time this week.
I had notices my skin getting sore all week but took not much notice.
I have not changed my skin care routine at all and in fact I just washed tone and moisturized.

After I washed my face I noticed this.

I have never had acne before (Besides that time of month). So maybe its adult acne??

My eating habits have changed and I am off the junk food. Could this have affected my skin???

I know need to put everything I want a side and go and visit someone that can help with my skin. I have heard Dermnalogica is great and I do love the 2 products I have. I'm thinking of going to get my skin analyze.

If you can help in any way please leave a comment. As now I’m starting to feel self-conscious.