Friday, 19 August 2011

Travel Tips part 3- MAKEUP

Okay Beauties,
So i have left the hardest section of all Make-Up. For anyone who has had to pack and can't decide on what to take i'm sure you can feel my pain right now. 
This has taken over a week to pick what i needed and wanted. 
I know i'm going to be stocking up as everyone said i will. But out of the whole 2 weeks i have 3 shopping days. I know i'm not going to need half the stuff i take. But hey we are beauty lovers and we need our makeup more then clothes or shoes. Well thats how i feel :)

I have taken a mini size mascara. I have so many from GWP and free samples. Im sure if you go to any beauty counter and ask for a sample they will give you one. (thats if they beauty adviser are nice and not rude).

To save space on both my Foundations Day and Night i have De-poted them into small jars :) Of course priceline sell these for around $5.

As its summer time over the i have picked out all summer colours like Pink, Peaches and Corals also added a red Lipstick. :D

The UD naked palette is perfect for travel as you can do so many looks with just the one palette. You can also go from day to night. 

Okay so here it goes This is what I'm taking along with me 

Face Products Including my MAC and Clinique Foundations.


Eye Products.


Lip Products. I love my lipsticks.

  • I forgot to add a MSF 

Have a great Friday Night :)


  1. If that is really all you are taking, I bow down my darling! Not too much at all, a really good mix. Look forward to seeing some FOTD's from over there featuring Fire Lighter from Kit! x

  2. Thats all em, Was thinking of adding another blush and MSF. I did have like 10 lipsticks lol but took some out. My makeup case is so heavy i think its form the Chanel bronzer has to be.