Saturday, 13 August 2011

Travel Tips Part 2- Hair Care

Happy weekend Beauties,

                                    Here is part 2 of my Travel Tips. I have downsized on everything from Toothpaste  to Moroccan oil :D. Places like Target, Big W, K-Mart and Priceline now carry mini size products just for your travel needs also easy for your handbag.

As you know hotels have Hair dryers so i don't need to take one Thank god. But i'm Take my GHD straighter. I just hope it works as last time my old Hair Straighter never worked :( so i went 3 weeks without one. (never thought to buy one lol ) 

From Priceline I picked up a pack of 3 empty Bottles for my Shampoo, Conditioner and colour Shampoo. Im not 100% sure on the price but it was around $6 for the set. This is also great for Body Moisturiser, Sunscreen and cleanser if you don't have any mini size products and want to de-pot your products.

Hair Spray: I received this hair spray form a l'oreal Fashion Festival. But Priceline have this on special for $3.99 For 75ml. But i'm pretty sure you can pick up cheaper ones.

Heat Protector: I picked this up from Aldi but i have seen this at Coles. Its the Toni and Guy Iron-it Heat Defence Spray 50ml. Im not 100% sure on the price i'm thinking around $3.

Moroccan Oil: I in love with this brand. I cant live without. I can do a review if anyone is interested. But i picked up the 25ml just to trial it out and see if i liked it. So when i picked up the full size i kept the 25ml bottle just in case i needed it. I did :) i just filled it up from my bigger bottle.

Hair Ties and Bobby Pins: I picked up a back of 20 hair ties and 50 bobby pins as i needed some anyway. But was surprised me was when i opened the packets the are in a small zip lock pocket :) PERFECT. 

As for my hair brush i could get a small brush but because i have suck long thick hair. I need my big brush. But you can always pick up a small brush or one of the ones that fold up. That also contains a      mirror. 

I hope i could help you in the Hair Care area. 
Part 3 will be the hardest of them all Make-Up

Have a great saturday night Beauties.


  1. Have you tried that heat defence spray before? I need one and was lost in Priceline the other day trying to decide on one to buy:S

  2. @emmabovary I have tried that heat defence spray before and it works well considering its reasonably priced, its heavily scented though so you may like to see if the scent appeals to you first. @Melissa please do a Moroccan Oil review I have been keen to try it out but as its rather pricey have been holding off

  3. The maroccan oil trial size is soooo cute, I feel compelled to get one just cuz its adorable! I have never tried it before so I would love to see a review on it...