Friday, 17 February 2012

Room Tour!

Hey Beauties,

The wait is finally over yay!! My room is now complete and now I can show you what my room looks like :) WARNING picture heavy.

My room.

  • My Nail Polish stand. This hold 90 polishes but yet all of them do not fit :(. I got this from Ebay Click Here for the item.

Nail Polish Stand.
  • I have a side draw that contains 2 medium draws and 2 large draws. I picked his up from Ikea for $50. 
  • First draw: From Left to Right  Lip losses and some Lipsticks, Lip treatments, Mascaras that O have not used yet and Lip pencils and back up lipstick from Chanel and MAC

Who can spot lilly?

  • Second draw contains some miscellaneous items.

  • Third draw contains left over nail polishes, Nail files and everything to do with nails.

  • The Forth draw contains waxing treatments,Body Body moisturizers and a sparebrush cleanser.

  • My Lipsticks and Brushes.


  • This area has the products that I'm trialing at the moment. The pink box has some Top shop makeup, mirror and jewelry box.

  • I also got my desk from Ikea. The desk contains 2 large pull out draws.
  • The first draw contains Foundations, Powders, Primers, Concealers Bronzers, Lip Tars, Pigments, Highlighters and eye lashes.

  • Second draw contains Eye shadow palettes, MAC pigments and minerlized Eye Shadows,Paint Pots, Shadow Sticks, Mascaras, Eyeliners, Brow Pencils, NARS Blushes, Illamasqua Shadows, Pigments and Liquid metals, MAC Blushes, Random Blushes.

  • This used to be my old makeup draw. Now it contains Makeup wipes, Samples, Makeup bags and a few random stuff.

  • Here I have my Pink shelf that john painted for me :). I keep all pretty boxes, Items from America and a few other items. The bags contain more beauty items :)

  • My makeup box :)

  • I picked these letters up from a store called Typo (I'm now obsessed) 3 letter for $10 they have a few ranges of colours Click Here .

  • Lastly I wanted to show you these boxes that I picked up from Priceline for only $3. I thought it was something cute to sit on my table.

If you would like any more details please let me know. Ill also be doing a whole blog post on the Makeup Box.



  1. Thanks for the tour MML - all looking fab and glam and super organised. Definitely want to know all the details of the makeup box please, plus whatever is lurking in those bags beside the shelf, lol...

  2. Fabulous pictures, thanks for sharing.
    You certainly have quite a collection. :)

  3. Oh I love it I have been oohing and aahing here. Would love to have a space like this!

  4. so lucky to have a room just for make up!!

  5. Thanks Ladies I never had my own room. So I think its about time I do lol

  6. Love your room and thanks for sharing. Fabulous organisation. Would love something similar.... perhaps one day! Nicole x

  7. Thanks for the room tour! I love how it looks and how it's so organised!

  8. looks beautiful Mel, how great is having a makeup room, i love mine xx

  9. Looks wonderful!!! So jealous!!! I love Typo, they have so much wonderful quirky stuff!


  10. That's gorgeous and so organised! I wish I had room in my flat for something similar! Looking forward to your post on the makeup boxes!

  11. awesome! Do you like that desk and draws I was actually looking at getting the white and green version for myself.