Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Product Review: Benefit Sun Beam.

Hey Beauties,

Highlighters are one of the must have makeup items. A highlight adds a beautiful glow to the skin. You can use it 2 ways mix it in with your foundations of add it to places that the sun hits for example noise, chin and about the apples of your cheeks.

Benefit have just released The Sun Beam A golden bronze Highlight. Now as I am a fair skin girl I thought it may be just a tad too dark for me. But that was not the case the Golden bronze is a perfect bronze colour highlight for me. As there is many colours of highlights out there you have pink, peach, champagne and bronze. You just need to search for the right one. Or there are many highlights that suite the same skin tone.


Benefit have always had me stumped as to why there High beam/Sun Beam have a nail polish application. The bottle is fine as this Highlighter is a liquid. But just why not have a mini pump instead of a brush.


  • Perfect bronze highlight for me.
  • Blends well.
  • Give a beautiful glow.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Last all day.


  • Packaging can be updated.
  • It does feel very wet on the skin before it dries.
  • Too much of the product can be way over the top and can give you a overdose of glowyness.

How to use:

Apply a small amount of the Highlighter on the back of your hand and mix it with your foundation. Or dot a small amount of product to your noise, chin, above the apples of your cheeks and the sides of your forehead.

Recommendation: If you are after a golden Bronze highlighter (perfect for the summer time) I do recommend the Benefit Golden Bronze Highlighter. If you are thinking that it may be too dark for you just head into the nearest Benefit counter and have a try before you buy.

Where to buy:

With Flash.

With out Flash.


This item was sent to me by Adore Beauty to trial. All thoughts and opinions are my own :)

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  1. Great blog MML. I totally agree with you on the packaging, even though it’s cute it is quite wasteful and impractical in a sense that you can’t take it apart to use up all the product. I’ve been loving the glowy complexion lately and have been mixing in some of my illuminators with my foundation.