Thursday, 9 February 2012

Priceline Beauty Club.

Hey Beauties,

Today I received an email from Priceline letting me know that they have a new Beauty Club.
Not much was said in the E-Mail but here is what was said.

Clubcard members who just can’t get enough Beauty can start to get excited about the launch of our exclusive new Beauty Club next week.
Make sure you're in line when we launch nationally on February 16, in all Priceline stores.
A joining fee of just $25 provides instant beauty gratification on the day with a welcome gift valued at $62* to take home, plus ongoing perks and privileges all year round. More on those later…
For now, be sure to mark it in your diary and make a beeline for Priceline on February 16.

Will you be joining ?



  1. Hmmmm... Mecca also have a new club thingy too but you don't need to pay, it is just based on how much you spend and you get a gift on your bday... I'm happy with priceline's current clubcard system so I won't be paying to join any "clubs"... I'll just let my spending do the talking :)

  2. I got this in the mail today as part of my quarterly bonus - the bonus gift is some models prefer stuff. As with Rin, I'm happy with the current system and won't be paying $25.

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  4. I'm interested to see what products you get for joining but I won't be as I don't really shop at Priceline.

  5. I don't know - I like my clubcard, and I'm not keen on paying to get into a club/rewards card....

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