Friday, 10 February 2012

My Skin: One month on.

Hey Beauties,

As you all know from my previous post Click Here. I have been taking great care of my skin every morning and night.

But I am afraid that my skin is at the purging stage of where all my imperfections are coming out and making way (well I hope) for new fresh skin. Otherwise I may have to go onto some stronger skin care system.

But this may not be the case as some people think it’s a myth. Well if so then I need to change it up asap. Melbourne weather has been dreadful like the other days was 35 nice sunny and the next day we had rain all day, Thunder and lightning my skin is constantly changing to this dreadful weather.
My skin may be like this from using a few masks that I’m trialing atm. But that’s only using them twice a week that’s it.

I need to use all my Kiehl’s skin care as I paid money for it so I’m hoping this will all work out for me fingers crossed. Can't go wasting anything now can we???

I have also taken out th Alpha-H Prep & Prime and added the Orginal Liquid Gold every second day.  


  1. There's an outside chance you might be purging, but I think your skin's reaction is more likely due to the high amount of silicones in your moisturiser, and/ or the very high amount of alcohol in the PTR and Alpha H you're using. Are you finding that your skin is quite dry? If so, it's probably the alchol.

    Good luck! :)

  2. Alternately, try some vitamin C, B3, a zinc oxide sunscreen every day, gentle exfoliation when needed, and a moisturiser without too many silicones. Your skin is lovely and doesn't need too much :) x