Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Should I go Fake?

Hey Beauties,

Just a quick little post as I want your thoughts or opinions on Fake Nails. 

Since Beauty School I have had trouble with my nails growing due too getting gel and acrylics done around twice a week for 10 weeks. I also have 2 nails that are extremely weak and can never grow. 

My question is Should I get fake nails done? I know right why get them done when they have destroyed my nails. 

Well here are some Pros and Cons.


  • Easy too paint.
  • looks more maintained then my original nails.
  • Great for photos for NOTW. (New DSLR Camera soon yay)
  • Does cost money too maintain.
  • Is a pain when I will want them removed.
  • Some types of acrylics for example Long acrylics can be tacky. But Ill be going for sort length. 
Any feedback would be much appreciated as I'm stuck on what to do. 

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  1. DONT DO IT!! They look tacky and terrible, and they will probably just wreck your nails more. Use nail strengtheners and patience, and see how you go!

  2. Don't do it! I hate the look of them, so tacky and gross.

  3. OH NO... I'm doing my cert 4 in beauty therapy next year and I am NOT looking forward to getting my nails destroyed!! dreading it actually. I used to bite my nails all my life and I finally quit this year and I'm kinda so proud & obsessed with them, it'll be so difficult letting someone do that to my nails!

    anyway I really don't think you should get falsies. I had them last christmas and it did help me quit biting actually but my nails were so damaged. I really don't think it's a good idea seeing as yours are already damaged!

    When I was growing out my nails I would rub in cuticle creams obsessively (love lush lemony flutter!) seriously like 6+ times a day - the massage stimulated growth and the cream nourished my nails. That's what I recommend. I'm kinda slack now but when I do regularly massage cuticle creams into my nails they grow SO much faster.

    also keeping them painted helps add strength.
    It took my nails about 3 months for all the damage to grow out. But everyone's different. my mum got some at the same time and they're STILL growing out! but I think age does affect nail growth so yeah...

    don't do it!

  4. have you thought about shellac?

  5. can I ask you something though, since you've done the course...?

    don't they say your nails shouldn't be damaged if they're done properly?
    I swear I've read you're just supposed to take the shine off or something?
    Do they teach that or not? I'll feel so bad if I'm going to be wrecking everyones nails!

  6. Wow thanks for the replies Ladies :)

    @Tegan I have used a lot of nail strengtheners. Its been 3 years now. Nothing will works.

    @Swooping Buzzards Just try and get away with not getting them done lol. My class would do one set in the morning then remove. Then another set in the afternoon. I never got the hang of that. Was not for me.
    Because you will be just learning as well as the other girls that are in your class. You will get some damage and maybe some bleeding due to the girls being rough. You'r teacher will tell you what to do. But its all Practice. You will make mistakes but you will learn from that.
    I did my Diploma So if you need to ask any more questions your more then welcome

    @KentClaire I did a blog post just before I left for America. I loved them but I change my colour every week.


  7. thankyou :)
    yeah well...
    one other thing I'm worried about is waxing. like did you have to get a model for brazillians and stuff or do it on other girls in the class coz that would be soooo awkward hahah.
    that is one part I am NOT looking forward to but I guess I'll have to do. I'm mainly doing it for the nails, makeup and I wouldn't mind doing facials and massages.
    actually when I was a kid I would play beauty therapist and give my mum and aunties "vouchers" for them to use for facials and massages from me hahah :P


  8. I think fake nails look tacky too. I vote to stick with natural :)

  9. No here! It ruins your nails and if you look at today's trends, short nails and regular nails are in. All the germs fake nails hold too and how bad it will ruin your original nails...yep, I vote no.

  10. Hi there,

    Go for Shellac instead. I only had acrylic once, and they ruined my nails. If you do shellac and use a nail oil every second day, your nails will grow under the polish and be much stronger. I did this over a period of 3 months and when I had it removed my nails were stronger (and consistently longer) than they ever had been. If you are looking for a natural option, Sally Hansen does great nail strengtheners x

  11. If you can find a genuinely good nail technician, I really don't see a problem with having artificial nails.

    I've had acrylic nails for almost 12 months continuously now, and I'm very happy with them. The nail regrowth behind the acrylic is very healthy and on the occasions that I've had the acrylic soaked off to re-do them from scratch, the nails underneath have been fine.

    The twice that I've had a problem have been when my regular nail technician was away and different women from the salon did my nails. In both cases, they each filed one nail too deeply near the cuticle, which caused problems with the nails breaking through those thin spots when they grew out.

  12. @swooping buzzards. At my school Brazilian was a off the side course that went for 2 afternoons. We did have to find someone we knew. But some girls just did others. trust me you will all become used to everything that u will be getting naked (like massage just undies) without even knowing.

    @Ingrid I only get shellac if im going away saves the hassle of taking everything with me. 2 weeks with one colour I get bored lol.

    @Alice John said he does not want me to get fakes lol. But I knew a few ladies that do a really good job.