Thursday, 15 December 2011

Butter London No more waity,Katie

Hey Beauties,

I picked up one Butter London Nail Polish in America. I know here they are expensive also at Ulta in America they too are also expensive OPI $8 and Butter London around $15. 
I knew that this polish was a Limited Edition due to the Royal Wedding. 

My thoughts:

First I'll start with the colour. I have many purples most of them are pastel or just glitter. But with No more waity, Katie the dark purple with glitter just does not look good on me at all. As for the lasting power this did not last me long at all with in a day my nails had chipped :(. 
In my thoughts OPI does the best glitter polishes on the market. But I have heard huge hypes about Butter London but this colour let me down. How ever this has not put me off the brand. I will try there colours in the future. I can't let one colour put me off the brand forever right?

Dusty wanted to be in the photo :).

As you can see on my 1st and 2nd finger i had to do a touch up job. Photos where taken on the second day.

  • OPI Base Coat. 
  • No more waity, Katie. (colour)
  • Sache Vite Top Coat.

Please let me know if there is any MUST have colours by Butter London. 



  1. I cant remember if it is this months Madison or whether it was last months (I think it might have actually been last month) but they had a free bottle of either a taupey like colour or a peach. I went for the peach and it is ok. I had the same chipping issues and i didnt think that it looked great with my skintone. In the bottle it looked like there might be a hint of shimmer which i thought would be cool on an opaque polish but there was none what so ever when applied.

  2. I picked up that mag. I got the same one as you. But I can't find. I'm thinking I misplaced it.