Monday, 12 September 2011

September Beauty-box (Not happy Jan)

Hey Beauties,

Today i received this months Beauty-Box. When i saw the package the outside was all pink :). I have to love that.  With Beauty Box i have email them as I'm not 100% but with the box you receive a card Ill will put a pic up as i'm not sure if I'm taking this out of content. But one part does say Guarantee ongoing membership More reviews equals more deluxe sample. For me this is a huge turn off. Im paying for the box. But yet i must do reviews in order to receive samples. They may have miss wrote this. Or just reading it wrong??? I know a few other beauty lovers are confused is this.

As for samples ill be using all 5 items. I may keep my subscription going. I just need to find out what the above card means. I love the whole pink theme :) and presentation was great. 

Now for the items :D

Yves Saint Laurent-Beauty Sleep
A gentle resurfacing and retexturing concentrate to smooth the skin's micro-texture, plump the skin and reveal the radiance of the complexion in the morning. RRP 40ml $99

Marc Jacobs-Oh Lola
Vibrant and playful. Irresistible sophistication. A spakling, Fruity floral, with key notes of raspberry, peony and vanilla. Available on the 8th of september. RRP: 30ml $75, 50ml $120 and 100ml $160

Sally Hansen-Everyday strength medium nail file
The ideal filing surface-for nails not too hard, not too soft. Smoothed and shaped nails are essential to a perfect Manicure. Designed specifically for medium and normal strength nails. 
RRP: $4.95

PlayBoy-Play it spicy Body Spray 
The final step in seduction demands an irresistible playboy confidence.
RRP: 48g $4.49

Shu Umera- Cleansing Oil 
Cleanse and gently maintains skin's delicate moisture balance rich combination of botanical oils. Suitable for all skin types. Removes makeup instantly. RRP:150ml $52 and 450ml $105.00

Before posting this. I have been talking to some friends on twitter and a few other beauty websites. We have to review each product to Guarantee ongoing membership. Its does state that in black and white on the welcome card. I don't want to be forced to review a product as I'm the one paying for the box. Not happy Jan. 

I have the welcome card i can't take a photo as the whole wording wont fit but this is what it does say.
"Give you'r valued feedback by completing our quick online feedback surveys after you try each product, and this will guarantee your ongoing membership"

Such a shame as i like the box and the companies they are with. 

Love Melissa 


  1. WTF if I have to review something they can get buggered lol

  2. I know right? Its there in black and white.

    I did ask if we have to review all products and what happens if we don't. But nothing yet. I did a comment on there facebook. They thought i was talking about there video comp. But i quoted what they said on the welcome card but no reply.

  3. I saw all the stuff on your FB too and wow! Yeah, they said later that it is an 'option' but that they can cancel if you continue to not review? Do they realise that we are paying money for this service? Ridiculous, and the sad thing is that we all would have reviewed if not asked, it's just what we do!

  4. Well you already know of my problems with them, urgh.
    I was actually buying them for a kind of 'did the product impress me enough to buy a full size' kind of review anyways. But the whole way they are going about it is leaving a bad taste in my mouth!!!

  5. I hated the service I received from them. When I got my invitation to subscribe I jumped but I was plagued with credit card issues. I didn't feel confident that the site was secure and took screenshots and sent it to them when my card kept getting declined. What annoyed me so much afterwards was that they blamed ME for my credit card issues when it had a full balance and my card has been used constantly so why should it suddenly shit itself on their site? The lack of professionalism dealing with them (especially signing off each email with 'Kisses' instead of 'Kind Regards' and the like) put me off them permanently. I don't care if they had the better brands, the service experience sucked.

    You're much better off without them!! :)

  6. I'm extremely unhappy as I've apparently just been charged twice for the next months box already! I only received the first one a few days ago! I've emailed them to ask what's the go as I want one of the charges refunded thank you very much!

  7. Well just a update. I got a email today saying my subscription was cancelled. There service is poor as today some people have got double charged. @michelle i would get onto that ASAP.

    Its such a shame though. But i did see another company today :). Thtas if it gets up and running. So far i Just love LHI.

  8. Hi Melissa,

    I cancelled with them after seeing what was in the first box which was ..okay.. compared to Lust but also hearing that we HAVE to review is not something I'm interested in. With Lust, at least you receive points which can support a future full size product purchase. Anyway, when I went to cancel - THAT was just a whole other process! I had to email and wait a day for a cancellation link which simply asked why? The page didn't ask for any of my details and the link didn't appear to be specifically for me not requiring me to sign in or anything. So, I popped my details (name and email) into the box so they actually could see which member is trying to cancel. Two days later I get an email from a strange looking email 'beau9774' saying they've charged my credit card for another month. I read on their website you have to give them min 30 days notice so even those wanting to get out now will have to pay for the next two months boxes.

    Anyway, did anyone else get a confirmation of a payment for next months box from the same account? Just a bit concerned with my credit card details on their site and they don't seem to be very friendly/helpful when you notify them of a concern.

    Thanks for a great post Melissa :)