Sunday, 22 January 2012

Whats getting me excited for February 2012

Hey Beauties,

February is almost around the corner and I'm getting pretty excited because there is 2 launches that I’m extremely excited about.

MAC SHOP MAC, COOK MAC Spring Collection 2012.

Not sure who came up with the name but this collection has very bright colours and has a retro feel to them :) With MAC and me some collections I don't even care about but some I do. This one is right up my ally.

Release Dates:

February the 9th in USA and March for International.

I have put this in my February because I will be getting this collection from the USA :)

Chanel Spring collection 2012.

In the past few months since owning a few Chanel items I have become obsessed. But as you know Chanel is expensive and I can’t go out and buy the whole collection. So with this collection I’m going to buy one item I want and need at that is The Glowing Blush Harmony.

Release Dates:

This collection is already out in the US as you can buy online now. I have called Chanel Chadston and they said Mid February.

I also can't forget Valentines day :)

What are you excited for?



  1. yum those cupcakes look great! I'm excited about the upcoming beauty boxes in Feb. Hopefully they will be specific to valentines day :)

  2. That Chanel Blush looks divine! Thanks for the update :)