Friday, 20 January 2012

Product Review: Fibrella Wipes.

Hey Beauties,
I share my clarasoinc with my partner john. Well he has stolen it lol. I need a new brush head but I have lost a 2 pack while over in AmericaL.  But I have found the next best thing. Back in Beauty school we used Fibrella wipes for Facials and Advance Facials. It may be laziness as john uses it in the shower and I wash my face next to the bathroom sink. But Also I do miss my Fibrella wipes as I had been using them for about 3 years.
What are Fibrella wipes?

Fibrella wipes are used for removing your makeup and cleanser. These are much softer than your normal facial towel. Facial towels can be rough of the skin. But with Fibrella wipes they are softer then a baby’s bum.
  • Gentel on the skin.
  • Removes any makeup and dir.t (with using a cleanser)
  • Hygienic.
  • Very cheap.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not give a good deep clean like the Clarasoinc.
How to use:

You would use a Fibrella wipe as you would with any other towel or wipe.
Once you have cleansed the face. Wet the Fibrella and squeeze out any excess water.
Then remove your cleanser with one side of the Fibella.
Then cleanse for the second time and use the opposite side of the Fibrella.
After you have cleansed then you can go ahead and throw it out.

Wet Fibrella Wipe.

EWWW all my makeup removed with cleanser and a wipe.

Its around $23 for 75 wipes . But with true Fibrella wipes you can tear them in half and use one half in the moring and the other at night. That will give you 75 days of use.

With Just your normal no name Fibrella wipes. it will cost $12.50 for 75 wipes.

Where to buy:

 get mine form ebay. Or you can try a beauty supplys shop.



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