Monday, 16 January 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj Collection.

Hey Beauties,

The wait is finally over :). Like you I have been waiting for months for this collection to come out. I think this collection is one of the most antispated collections so far. Why? Well here is a few of my reasons.

1. OPI comes out with amazing collections.

2. Nicki Minaj is awesome I must say.

3. The colours from this collection are beautiful.

So without further ode I give to you The Nicki Minaj Collection .

Pink Friday:
A baby pink :) (right up my ally)

Pink Friday.

Do It On Em':
Very light green reminds me of the Shrek polish. (My least fav)

Do It On Em'

A very dark turquoise. One of favourites from this collection as I have nothing like this colour.


Super Base Shatter:
A purple/Maroon colour with shimmer.

Super Base Shatter.

Save Me:
Glitter polish with the main colour silver it also includes holographic glitter. With this polish I only had to apply 2 coats. With most glitters I need at least 3 coats to get the results I want. Out of my whole nail polish collection this is the first kind of glitter I own and I love it.

Save Me

Metallic 4 Life:
This polish is a black base with flecks of silver glitter. This may sound corny but it reminds me of the galaxy.
Metallic 4 Life.

Where to buy:

This collection has not come out in Australia yet. I'm thinking Feb. The collection come out in America this month but there was no set date at all and some stores where getting it on the 1st of January. But when it does come out you will be abel to buy it from David Jones, Petra hair care and any salons that sell OPI.
Cost will be $19.95 for 15ml.

What Colour are you dying for?



  1. I love the two glittery ones, save me and metallic life 4! I also really like the others but not a big fan of the yellow one

  2. Fly is my favourite. Such a gorgeous bold colour.

    I really like the new layout! :)

  3. Ahh I love that green and the two glitters are amazing. release date is feb 1st, I'm excited! the pink is beautiful too, don't have enough of them in my collection

  4. Gorgeous! My fave is the light green <3 xx

  5. @Stef Im also not a huge fan of the green/yellow.

    @Beauty in a bottle Thanks hun, Fly is nothing like I have ever seen.

    @Emma We must go shopping soon.

    @Corrina Thank you for the comment hun. Also welcome to my blog :)


  6. It's funny, I actually saw this on sale late last year in Malaysia (I think it was Sephora KL? Can't really recall) and I didn't think very much of it, but it's really pretty on you!

    I really like the look of Pink Friday, Save Me and Metallic for Life the best! Did the pink go on streaky like some pastels do?

  7. I love the glitters! I can't wait to add both to my collection. I have been stalking David Jones because I thought they were meant to be out in January. Don't want to have to wait another month!

  8. I want Fly, Superbass and Save me! they look hot!

  9. I love the Fly shade, havn't seen a turquoise this deep! Have to agree not keen at all on Do it on Em' it would prob look great on her though, but not my pasty skin tone!