Sunday, 1 January 2012

OPI Muppets Collection.

Hey Beauties,

In 2011 Glitter nail polish was in and for me its still in. 
I love me some glitter on a accent nail. But not so much on all my nails. Just a little too much for me. 
But with the new OPI Muppets (as you will see with pics) They contain Chunky glitter and refined glitter.  But 2 are a little different then the others. But ill explain that when I go threw each colour. Of course you can apply a main colour with the glitter over it. Its all up to the individual. 


  • Great for a accent nail.
  • What girl does not love a little glitter. 
  • A change from just a basic colour.
  • Is such a pain to remove. 
  • Can be a little messy. 
  • Can be a little to much of a over kill on all nails.
  • Can be hard to even out the glitter. 

Gone Gonzo:
Refined Blue Glitter with Silver Chunks of glitter. 
Im not a huge fan of blue. But on day I may use it.

Gone Gonzo. 3 coats
Rainbow Connection:
As you can tell by the name this contains Both refined and Chucks of glitter. Every colour in the Rainbow and more. 
Out of all the 6 colours This is my favourite.

Rainbow Connection. 3 coats.

Divine Swine:
Purple Refined Glitter with Silver Chunks of glitter.
This is 3 coats of the polish. But I’m think 4 coats will make it stand out more. 

Divine Swine. 3 coats.
Getting Miss Piggy With it:
Red Refined Glitter with Silver chunks of glitter.
Perfect for Valentines Day. But Out of all the 6 colours this has to be my least Favourite colour.
After 3 coats it still looks very opaque. 
Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It. 3 coats. 
Fresh Frog Of Bel Air: 
Green Refined Glitter with Sliver chunks of glitter. 
Would have been Perfect for Christmas time. Even better St.Patrick’s Day. 
Fresh Frog Of Bel Air. 3 coats.
Excuse Moi:
This colour is very different you could even call it the odd one out.
The main Colour is a Deep pink with Slightly larger Multi colour glitter. 
Excuse Moi! Only took 2 coats. 

What you’r MUST have glitter polish?



  1. Oh I lurrrve rainbow connection, and define swine. So cute.

  2. @stef The winner was Sophie ill post a link to what she picked out.

    @chelsea loving of the best 2 glitters.


  4. I really love gone gonzo actually! It's my fave!!

  5. I am trying to wean myself off Rainbow connection. I only use it as accents with other plain polishes, but it's gorgeous. Very hard to remove. I use cotton buds soaked in remover, wrap foil around for a few minutes then wipe and use a curticle stick to remove the rest. I love warm and fozzie too. Great blog! Rachel