Thursday, 12 January 2012

Straight from the USA to AUS.

Hey Beauties, 
This may sound bad but I never buy Cosmetics/Beauty here in Australia unless I have a gift card or if cost price works out to be the same price or just a few dollars more then the USA. Why? You may ask it’s because we (Australian’s) do get ripped off so much. I know there are many reason why we pay heaps. I't does come down to many factors. I know I feel bad because I’m not putting money into our economy. But why pay $60 for one lipstick when I can get it for almost half the price in the USA.

Some companies like Sephora , Macy’s and Bloomingdales have caught onto International buyers and now you can no longer use a International Card for your purchases .
How do I buy?

Well I use a mail forwarding system. Where I pay a company for the items I would like and they ship them straight to me.

I have used a few companies but I found Parcel It On to be the best. Quick responses via email, Fast shipping and does not charge the earth.

How does it works?
  • I email Parcel it on with the website and all the items I wish to buy.
  • They then send me a invoice with all the items and cost including gst
  • I then send the money through PayPal. All the information on who to send the money to is all on the invoice.
  • Once they receive the money they then purchase the items for me
  • Once the items arrive to the US address they then send me a email asking what kind of shipping I would like and how much it will cost per shipping method for example Express, Regular, Insurance and so on. 
  •  I them email the back letting them know what shipping method I would like. Then I’ll receive a invoice with the cost of shipping also the service fee of $15.00.
  • After they receive the money they then send off you items.
  • Now it’s time to stalk the post Man.  
Note: Most US sites have free shipping on orders over $50. So no need to worrry about the shipping cost from the website to the US address.

A few Examples on how much I have saved.
  • Tiffany Necklace Here is AU $300 I paid $180US
  • Clarsonic Mia Here in AU around $250 (Back when it was expensive) I paid $190US
  • MAC  cosmetics  Holiday collection Here I was looking at $400 plus I paid $250US
  • Always do your research and check to see if you will save money and if its worth it. Someimes (once in a blue moon) you may not saves much at all.
  • Always do a search for online coupons this can include 15%off-75%off also can include free deluxe samples.
  • Remember to add the discount codes to your first email.
Websites that ship to Australia:

Benefit Cosmetics ships to Australia and charges a small fee or you get Free shipping on all orders over $110.00 US. Benefit Cosmetics.

Kiss and Makeup NY have many  high end brands at US prices. Brands include NARS, Laura Mercia, Clarasoinc, Butter London and Smash box. Kiss and Makeup NY

Sigma Ships to Australia and sometimes they have special on Free International Shipping. Sigma

Illamasqua do ship to Australia for around $8.50. But remember it is in GBP. Illamasqua

Forever21 and Victorias Secrect both ship here yay! but shipping can get pricey. Forever21 Victorias Secret

I hope this post has helped.
If you have any questions please ask :)



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  2. I didn't know benefit shipped to Australia, that's good to know :)

  3. So the only fee parcel it on charges is $15? So we just need to pay the delivery fees or one delivery fee.

  4. @BG Hey hun, You need to pay the delivery fee from the site to the US address and the delivery fee from the US to here. But most US sites already have free shipping to a any US address. They the one off fee is $15


  5. Great post! Must refer to this when I splurge on my next haulage :)

  6. Ahhhhh Thanks for this!! ^_^!! I never understood the process! *Bookmarks*

  7. Thanks MML!

    By the way, what are the sites you recommend I shop at for cosmetics? Eg sephora, etc..
    I'm thinking of making one big order for the first time :)
    Do you shop on the American mac website for your collections?

  8. Hey Black Magic,

    If your are wanting a mix of everything Sephora all the way. But if ytou just want one brand I just go through there website. I placed a NARS order ages ago and just went through there website.

    For all my MAC collections I do use the MAC USA website :)


  9. Thanks Melissa!! Great help. Can't wait to shop at Sephora soonish. I'll post on the hauld page what I get xxx :)

  10. How much do you usually pay for postage from USA to Australia??

  11. I do the exact same thing!! Prices here are's actually cheaper to go to New York or Hawaii for a holiday and go shopping for makeup and wardrobe there than go shopping get a holiday out of it too AND its actually cheaper than going to the Gold Coast...

  12. Hi, Appreciated work, I like the way you define the job. I wish to send my chopping tools of vegetable Shipping to Australia with me is it Possible ?