Tuesday, 18 October 2011

October BellaBox!!

Hey Beauties,

Today I received my first Bella Box :). Im extremely happy withe the items I received. The lipstick you will see below is worth $48 :). Shipping was quick my box was sent Saturday and I received it today (Tuesday). At the moment I have a subscription with 2 sample box companies. I will continue with BellaBox and LustHaveIt because so fare I am extremely happy with them both.

Items I received: 

  • Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre Foundation Primer.
Scientifically formulated to allow you'r makeup to glide over you'e skin. 
RRP: $49.50 50ml
(NP always makes me break out :(.)

  • A'Kin Lavender, Geranium & Jojoba hand and nail cream.
Hand and nail cream enriched with Vitamin E,B5,Shea Butter and Jojoba oil.
RRP: $17.95 75ml.
(Can't go past a hand cream.)

  • Alpha-H Gental Daily Exfoliant.
This features a unique new way to renew the skin using crushed fruit enzymes naturally sourced from Papaya and Pineapple. For instantly smoother brighter skin. 
RRP: $59.95 50ml.
(so far all Alpha-H products i have tried I have loved. So Im excited to give this a go.  )

  • Savoir Faire Lipstick in Miss You.
The Soft shimmery pink is understated yet playful. The ingredients such as beeswax will delight you with their nourishing quality and water-resistance. 
RRP: $48.00.
(I love the pink colour. I just did a swatch on my hand feels smooth and creamy.)

  • One Skin System Daily Hydrate. 
A luxuriously hydrating cream containing a superior system of moisture retaining agents and organic ingredients to super hydrate the skin.
RRP: $79.00 50ml.
(Perfect as I am always dealing with dry skin.)

  • Wine Wipes.
Now you can wipe the wine off your smile but not only that, clean you teether without interfering with the taste of our next wine. 
RRP: $13.95 for 20 wipes.
(I'm not a wine drinker so I may try this with other stain like foods/drinks. )

Savoir Faire Lipstick.

Miss You

BellaBox website.

So far how are you liking your samples boxes???


  1. OoOO!! I haven't receive mine, hopefully tomorrow.. can't wait to open mine :D ♥♥

  2. Am desperately awaiting my delivery - live in regional NSW, so not expecting it til early next week - if they are all the same as yours, I will be stoked!!!!!

  3. @pnakween Sorry if I gave it all away :(

    @twokidstwocats I'm lucky that I live kinda close too where they are based. The waiting will be so worth it :). For me Lust takes about a week.

  4. Gorgeous colour lipstick!! and love that you put swatches up too! :)

  5. Absolutely loved mine except the fact that my wonderful Alpha H exfoliant was unfortunately all over my package with a small cut in it but the lovely girls at BellaBox are going to send me some more , I was hugely impressed with the 1st Box

  6. @tourchum Your very welcome :) I almost forgot to swatch.

    @Sharron That so kind of BellaBox to send out some more. That great service.

  7. I can't wait for mine! It looks like it's going to be even better than lust have it and beauty box... Can't wait!!

  8. I adore the Alpha H exfoliant I use it all the time! Hope you like it too. That lipstick is stunning, shattered I'm not joined up with this lot

  9. Loving that lipstick! Never heard of the brand before though....

  10. love the swatch you did for the lipstick..i love pink as well..:)

  11. The products look amazing! I'm surprised as to how generaous these Bellaboxes are!

  12. hey hon, fabulous bargain with that lipstick! just gorgeous and I love the packaging it came in xox

  13. Oh I can't wait until I receive mine. How cool does that lipstick look? I really like the silver packaging.

  14. @michelle

    The lipstick is pretty heavy. But its just stunning.

  15. Wow i want to sign up. Currently i'm with Lust Have it and Beauty Box but i'm not too impressed with Beauty Box especially seeing as they charged me for my 2nd box which I'm yet to receive grrrr! Must check out Bellabox and dump Beauty Box lol

  16. Woooooo this box looks great! I haven't tried auto pilot - not that I need another primer!