Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hello Kitty exclusive to Priceline

Hey Beauties,

Priceline has realised a new Hello Kitty collection. So last weekend I was calling up all the Pricelines that where around me but nothing until I called the last place I thought would defiantly not have it. But guess what they did go figure (always try the one you never think will have any stock).

The hello kitty section was all the way down the back. The last stand on the back wall. If you blinked you would have missed it. They did not have everything in stock but most items where there. The only things missing was the eyeliners, sharpener, Loose Pigments and the black Compact.  

What shocked me is how small everything is and how big the price tag is. I was very let down by the Lipsticks. Only half the size of a normal Lipstick for $12.95. Of course I did grab some after all it is  Hello Kitty. As for there nail polishes they had some pretty summer colours also not a regular size Nail polish for $10.

My Thoughts:
As I was really let down hoping it would be like the Sephoras range. Also how much I love Hello Kitty  the next time I would by form this collection is if they had a huge sale. Other wise its just a waste of money. 

From $9.99-$14.95

Traget market:
I'm not sure how to explain it but Ill do my best. Its kinda In between kids and teenagers. Its in the makeup area and not where you would find little things for a 5 year old. Im not really sure who there market is. I'm thinking just everyone who loves Hell Kitty.

Compact Powder in Pashmina Rose

Lipsticks: Real Shin and Kiss in 07-03 Pink Floyd and Real Matt and Kiss in 08-04 in Bollywood

Pink Floyd and Bollywood
As for when I did some swatches on my lips i could not tell the difference between colours. But now looking at the photo I can tell that the colours are slightly different. 

Have you picked up anything form the Hello Kitty Collection? What's your thoughts? 



  1. :( I'm obsessed when I want to be.

  2. I haven't seen any of the Hello Kitty collections in Priceline stores in SA. Maybe I better check down the back of the shops ;) Love you blog by the way :) stumbled upon it randomly, have now subscribed! x.k.

  3. man i brought this product due to it being so popular in japan (JYJ, cough cough) but this is produced by a completely diff. company. i brought the liquid eyeliner. it smells toxic, creases on my eyelid (even with eyeshadow on it), and stings my eyes when it gets into my eyes (first time thatsever happened). reckon the only good thing about it is that it comes off easily.... o.O