Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Meet our new family member!

Hey Beauties,

I know this is off the beauty topic but I must share this with you.
Before America I was nagging and nagging John fo us to get a dog. He said after America and of course I did not forget what he said. So after we got back I had been looking and looking for a certain breed. That was a Pomeranian I had been looking every where but all I could find where dogs outside of Vic or had just been sold.  

So I saw this one add In the trading post. The drive would be around 4 hours. So at first I did not call. But then I was like why not. Turns out the day after I got back form IMATS he would be in Melbourne for the day :)

So my aunty and my cousins went to go pick him up. When I got there I could see this small little fluffy thing from a mile away. I fell in love with him straight away how could you not right?
Both John and I found the perfect puppy to complete our family (will grow one day)

Meet our new Pomeranian DUSTY.

He can be a crazy little thing. During the day he is quiet and sleeps but at night the inner dusty comes out and goes completely nuts. We have a big yard so he just runs and runs :)
Dusty is at the puppy stage so he is naughty but we are slowly training him. 
John is so smitten by dusty that while Im not here john gives him a few snacks lol. John has told me he only gives dusty a tiny piece. But its so hard trying to teach him to stay away from our food. So now we eat at the table. 

At the moment its been so hard blogging as Dusty takes up most of my time. Also every time I try to blog he just gets into everything. I have had some time tonight as he is asleep :) 
But I love him so much ill have try to And find a new spot to blog besides my beauty room. 

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