Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Weight Watchers: Week 1

Hey Beauties,

I know this is not beauty related but I wanted to share with you (each week) how I have been going with Weight Watchers.

Now some of you know both John and I did Light ad easy but that was just costing way too much. Also when the bills all come in we had no chance. What I really did not like was the fact that I was not learning how to eat well. 

So my Aunty wanted to start Weight Watchers and thought why not. 

At first I was so iffy with the whole point system and I did not want to be counting my food at all. But TBH its not that bad at all its kinda fun as when i looked at one TBS of Nutella 15 points thats half my points for the day gone. Fruit and Veg are 0 Points besides a few. It has been really easy to work it all out. John has been such a good help to me with the whole WW. When we go shopping he gets me to pull out my phone and calculate the points and see if we can get it or not. This is coming from a guy who always gets grumpy when food shopping and just wants to get out of there and hurries me up. But now we take our time. 

Both John and I have been doing WW for 2 weeks now. So my post for last week is very behind. 

I have some good news in the first week I had lost.

1.2 Kilos :) 

I have been drinking so much water and with dinner I have Diet Coke 0 points. 
I know work out all my meals before we go shopping and I can even have WW chocolate bars and ice cream. 

Some WW items are way too much and you can find items cheaper and less points. 
But if anyone wants some tips I can do that in a different post. 

So each week Ill be just doing a check in post and letting you know how I did for the week. :)

I’m waiting for my treadmill to arrive its been a week Hurry up. 


  1. Well done sweety! proud of you! You and John have to promise not to steal the show at my engagement party, okay? ;P

  2. Thanks hun, I couls never steal the show.