Wednesday, 7 March 2012

OPI AutumnWinter Trends 2012

Hey Beauties,

Koren McKendrick OPI Educator and Stylest has Predicted that the Colours for this years AutumnWinter will be rich seductive shades of ruby-red and blue-red, burnt orange, tangerine, rustic pink, dark burgundy, plum & berry purples, eggplant purple, midnight blue, dark forest green, khakis, taupe and dark brown.

I am always the one to go for my light and bright colours. But lately my collection has been getting more dark and different colours that I would not go for.

Now that autumn is here and Winter just around the corner the last days of blights are over and I’m super excited to bring out more colours and not just the same old colours and maybe it’s time to pop the glitter aside till Spring. (Just maybe)

Here is a few colours that Koren has predicted:

Monsooner Or Later, Butch Ya Love OP1?, A Roll In The Hague, Got The Blues For Red.

Monsooner Or Later:
Red with a hint or Orange.

Dutch Ya Love OPI? (Holland Collection)
Purple with Micro Gold. When applied you can barley notice the gold untill you hit the light and gives of a nice rasin colour.



A Roll In The Hague (Holland Collection)
Bright Orange with a yellow undertone.

Got The Blues For Red:
This colour reminds me of a deep red blood :)

What Colours will you be wearing this Autumn?


  1. Purple one is my favourite, reminds me a little of "OPI Parlez-Vous OPI?" which I have.