Saturday, 3 March 2012


Hey Beauties,
I must admit for the past week I have not washed my face at all. I know right with working heaps this week I have been lazy but that’s still not a good enough reason.

So after I had a shower and washed my face for th first time this week.
I had notices my skin getting sore all week but took not much notice.
I have not changed my skin care routine at all and in fact I just washed tone and moisturized.

After I washed my face I noticed this.

I have never had acne before (Besides that time of month). So maybe its adult acne??

My eating habits have changed and I am off the junk food. Could this have affected my skin???

I know need to put everything I want a side and go and visit someone that can help with my skin. I have heard Dermnalogica is great and I do love the 2 products I have. I'm thinking of going to get my skin analyze.

If you can help in any way please leave a comment. As now I’m starting to feel self-conscious.


  1. Hey MML - is it itchy? Could be an allergic reaction.

    If you think it may be adult acne, I have never experienced acne but I hear dairy plays a big role in it - have you eaten more dairy than normal?

    That said, I know you've also started a new eating plan so it may be your skin purging toxins that were previously in your body.

    Go see a trusted beauty therapist, and see what they think :)

  2. Don't you hate it when skin suddenly changes on you - without any apparent reason :( I'd definitely go see a skin specialist just to figure out what it could be. Don't delay, umming and ahhing might just prolong the damage - it could be something in your everyday routine that you need to switch out! x Good luck

  3. @chelsea. it's not itchy just sore. It's been going on for a month or so. Its just getting worse. Its acne for sure. I'm going to s dermatologist soon I have done what I can as a BT. Just need to go that extra step.

    @Wt I hate it. My skin was great now it just hates me.

  4. I use dial need a moisturizer and a a product that dries em out :( I suffer from acne. Kinda looks liek irritation though Mel.

  5. I wish I could use that bit my skin is already dry :( my skin is just all over the place. Ahhhhh

  6. hi!
    i think i may have gone through something similar before.. is it secreting anything..? like puss?
    what do you put on your face daily? maybe try giving the high end stuff a break and try for some avene stuff? cos its for sensitive and irritant skin
    the break out could be because you stopped using a product that you used to use before, and its also possible its from any creams that might have preventative effects or something....
    i know this comment maybe isnt gunna help you but these are some suggestions...
    also not all dermatologists know what theyre talking about, when i went through a time where my face was covered in baby pimples, i went dermatologists, and they told me i had acne and perscribed me cetaphil.. i was like wtf, and in the end i figured its because i stopped using this preventative pimple cream on my face, and i think hell broke loose or something and all pimples resurfaced?

    drink plenty of water, and try and put as less products on your face as possible, i hope you get better soon! <3

  7. Could be acne from hormones... Use something simple like phisohex to cleanse and moisturise with Sukin which you can get at Priceline. Feel better soon... Check whether you are pregnant (he he he had to put that in!)

  8. Think you are wise to see a dermatologist as it has been going on for a month. Make sure you see a good one. Take care. x

  9. From the look of your past routine I think this is the effect of the Alpha H, probably exacerbated by the sun burn. Whenever you use glycolic products you must use a sunscreen with them. Going to see the derm is a great idea :)

    You need to baby your skin and use really gentle product. Find a gentle cleanser and use products with B3 (niacinamide). A gentle vitamin c would do well too, and don't forget to wear a zinc oxide sunscreen every day to protect your sore skin from the sun! Zinc oxide is also very soothing for irritated skin.

  10. Oh, and definitely go to a derm rather than getting your skin analysed by Dermalogica.

  11. @Dempass I have been off alpha H for a month now. SO its not that. I have not used anythign for my skin for 2 weeks and is still playing up. No sun burn for me As I use sunscreen. But not Zinc As I cant stand it on my skin.

    Im hoping to see a derm asap.

    Im having no reaction to products as im off everything I use.

  12. Oh yay! That's great that you're off the Alpha H!

    What is your current regime? If you're using a chemical sunscreen it could even be that (oxybenzone can be very irritating). Perhaps find a ZnO formula that doesn't sit as heavy on your skin? I hear Burnout is nice.

    Definitely check out some B3 though - such a great active for irritated skin.