Thursday, 15 March 2012

Taylor Swift Melbourne 2012

Hey Beauties,

This past Monday I went to the Taylor Swift concert in Melbourne.
I must say it was amazing. Somehow my 2 friends and I made our way to almost the front :).
Taylor is so beautiful and was so jealous of how amazing her skin looks.

I wish I had better photos but the iphone can take some bad ones.

Here is just a little clip.

Did you go?


  1. I went when she was in Brisbane and I blogged about it too

    :) She was amazing in concert but I was surrounded by many younger girls

  2. :) I loved it. I wanted to go again.

  3. I was thinking of taking me camera but I know most of the time you cant. With gaga I cant take mine or ill get kicked out :(

    1. ow serious? that didnt even cross my mind. I went to see Roger Waters at the same place and I took my camera then and it was all fine both times. But I can understand about Lady Gaga

  4. i went to her first concert in melb 2 yrs ago! i wanted to go this time round but no one to go with me!