Saturday, 5 November 2011

Maybelline FIT Me Foundation Review.

Hey Beauties,

While I was in America I decided to pick up the new Foundation by Maybelline Called FIT Me. As over  there it was dirt cheap for the foundation and powder was around $20 USD not 100% sure sorry. As I have very fair skin I went for the lightest shade 115. The Shade I picked with out swatching was my perfect colour. First time ever in getting it right without doing a Foundation match. 

I have only used it twice. You may be thinking why do a review when I have only used it twice. 
Well the first time I really loved it and was super impressed. The foundation gave me a medium matte coverage after I put the foundation on I loved how it looked on my skin. But the second time after a few house I looked into the mirror and noticed (as I have dry skin) the foundation went all cakey on my dry areas and just looked really bad. Even using a moisturiser and a hydrating primer the Foundation still clinged to my dry spots. If I did not have dry skin and was just normal (I wish) this foundation would look great on my skin and would be a  every day use foundation. 


Dry Skin: I would avoid using this foundation. As its not the perfect foundation for Dry Skin. 

Normal-Oily: As I don't have normal skin (far from it) and don't suffer from Oiliness you can alway give this a go and see if it works for you. You never know it may be your go to Foundation.

Maybelline FIT Me Products:
Pressed Powder

If you would like to try it out Maybelline have great video on how to find your shade 
Myabelline FIT Me Video

Pretty much anywhere that sells Cosmetics for example Coles, Priceline, Safeways, Target, Big W, Kmart. 

I hope I could help anyone with my review. I still think my Reviews are not that good at all. 

Love Mel

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  1. Sounds lovely, thanks for the review. Your so lucky to have grabbed all these bargains overseas. :)

  2. Great review! I love it but its not my first choice.....Revlon colorstay wins big time

  3. @Fashionista I did pic up a few but just forgot to pick up a lot of cheap cosmetics lol. There is always next time.

    @If Curves Could Talk. This is the first low brand Foundation i have used it a while. I would't mind trying revlon but here its around $25 maybe $30.


  4. Why you poo poo your review my dear? Your reviews are great...

  5. @MsSparkleArkle Thank you so much hun. I just sometimes feel that there not good enough.