Thursday, 28 July 2011

Style Tread

Hey Beauties,

                    I needed some basic flats and some nice shoes for my holiday. So late Tuesday night more like the start of wednesday. I decided to shop on Style Tread. Im now obsessed with this site. So i received them today (thursday) so took a day :D

My wedges where just a little too small. So i placed another order for a next size up. 

In your order you receive a return slip that gives you step my step instructions. All you have to do is call the number and arrange a day for them to pick it up. I choose Monday as my new size will come monday for sure. 

With Style Tread they email you once the items have been shipped and also give you a tracking number so you can track you items. 

This is a perfect idea for a website order as many shoes as you like (ladies with love our shoes) then return any that you don't like.

Style Tread offer:
FREE Shipping 
FREE Returns 
The best part 100 DAYS to return your unwanted shoes.

This would be great if you buy a present for someones Birthday or Christmas. Then if they want to change for a different size or colour  you have 100 days. :)

You may be thinking why not just go out and buy a pair. But then why not do it in the comfort of your home and  enjoy receiving something in the mail.

While i was on the phone organising the pick up for my shoes. The lady on the phone said Style Tread is very quick. They could pick up the items tomorrow but i know my new pair will come monday. As the saying goes kill 2 birds with one stone.

I have a code for $5 off: LOVE6447593

All items where paid with my own money :) 

Lipstik: Darva Ocelot $79.95

Walnut Melbourne: Euro Plimsole Navy Flats : $39.95


Added on the 29/07/11

I received my new size shoes today :D. 
Only took one day. But i missed there courier so i have to pick them up from my local post office monday. 


  1. Love those Lipstick shoes, you have some great style!

  2. I lovem tooo!! Got my booties just in time for the weeeekend :) yay for quick postage!

  3. Im obsessed i want the closed in leopard wedges now.