Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Nails of the Week.

Hey Beauties, 

Every week i change up my nails. So i though once a week ill do a post on what colour/colours im wearing. 

This week I'm wearing Face of Australia Molten Metallics in

  • White Gold (Champaign colour)
  • Verdigirls (Metallic Green)
The only downside to Face of Australia is there colour chips very easy. I have had the colour on for about 3 days and already i need to re-do them :(

I hope your having a great week. 


  1. LOL I totally had the exact same combo on last week! they are pretty aren't they :D

  2. I have the bronze and iron ore from the same collection and I've had the same problem too with the chipping. :( (reapplying top coat helps a little)Despite this the colours are great!
    I have to say though that I'm loving the green on you! Maybe it's your skin tone or your lighting, but this is def more olive/khaki green than any of the other swatches I've seen so far. Ie it is more the tone of green I was wanting to see, verses the green I've seen with others which was a lighter more yellow toned green. Is this true to in real life?

  3. Hey PocketBabe i think it may just be the colour of my skin. I have very fair skin. The lighting in the photo is natural. On me it does look olive. xxxx