Saturday, 23 July 2011

Fake MAC.

Hey Beauties,
               I though I would do a topic on Fake MAC.  There is a lot of fake MAC floating around on websites like ebay. That’s a big source of fake MAC I once did buy some fake MAC when I was about 17 as I did not know. So i thought I would give you so useful tips and some pictures showing how you can spot a fake MAC.

 Most common fake MAC products:

If you see any MAC from the hello kitty collection for example a mascara and eyeliner set. MAC never came out with a set.

If you see a brush set. MAC don’t sell them. Also some brushes MAC don’t even make.

If you see blushes that have a mirror and brush. MAC don’t make blush’s like this.

With the viva glam lady gaga and Cyndi collection. This collection only had 2 coloured lipstick and not 10 ore more that I have come across.

If you see a 88 Pallet with a MAC logo that is fake as well.


If the price is very cheap and to good to be true DO NOT buy as this will be 100% Fake.

Always ask the seller for a recept.

If on the bottom of the item has a number and not a name then that’s also 100% Fake.

Always check MAC htpp:// cosmetics website and check to see if the items you want to buy are on the site. If not then google to see if it’s a one off collection. If you can’t find the item then it will be fake.

 With these fake products you can not tell what ingredient’s are in these products. It could be anything. I don’t want anyone having a nasty reaction.

I hope that helps some Beauty lovers in choosing the right MAC products.






Have a fun Saturday night :D


  1. I'm a sucker for falling for fake MAC.

    Thankyou for this!


  2. Im happy you like it :D

    Thank you for leaving some comments ladies :D

  3. Hey gorgeous!

    thanks for this blog post! I had an argument with some friends who were just so convinced the MAC hellokitty sets were real and I just showed them this post:)

    I love blog!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Hey Make me UP,

    Thank you for your comment. Im happy they saw my blog. Thank you for showing them. I did get the set ages ago. It was nasty with a capital N lol.


  5. hey mel!! I just read this and omg, i think i bought some fake MAC on ebay a while back, but still not sure :S lol but great post!! :)
    -Kathy (from Primped :) )