Friday, 6 May 2011

Skinfoods salmon Concealer Cream VS Bobbi Brown Concealer

Hey Beauties,

Bobbi Brown cream concealer
            A few weeks ago on a Beauty forum I came across a Singapore Organic skincare and cosmetics line. I thought I would try the dark circles salmon concealer. At first I went to there website and saw it was RRP: $32 So I though I would check out the US ebay and saw it for $11.24 plus a bonus FREE shipping.

Bobbi Brown comes with 1.7g of creamy concealer and .8g of setting powder RRP: $60. My experience with Bobbi Brown very smooth and creamy,Blends well and does a great job and covering my circles.
Downside the price tag is expensive for a small amount of product.

Skinfoods Salmon Dark circle Concearler 
Skinfoods comes with 10g of product not as creamy as the BB. But it has a creamy texture much lighter and not as thick as the BB. Does an amazing job on hiding my dark circles. The only downside is the Concealer only comes in shade 1 light and 2medium.

Conclusions: In my opinion I think both these products do the same thing. So why would I pay so much when I can pay Just over $11. Now that the US dollar is going so strong you can now get skinfoods for 

End results 
Left: is Skinfoods Right: is Bobbi Brown

I recommend any beauty lover to give it ago and for so cheap you wont feel guilty for spending so much.

Enjoy Beauties.
Have a great weekend.

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  1. still yet to try skinfoods concealer but have heard good things about it. I guess the shade limitation makes it hard to work for everyone of all skintones.