Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Estee Lauder Staff Shop

Here is my latest haul form the Estee Lauder staff shop.

MAC studio fix foundation I payed$29 RRP: $49
Estee Lauder tender blush I payed $20 RRP: $58
Clinique Redness Solution Instant relief mineralized powder I payed  $22 RRP $70
Clinique Cream Cleanser I payed  $15 RRP: $38

Also ill be giving you details on how to join and what to expect.

The store is around 50%-70% off RRP.

Companie:  Estee Lauder
Here is a list of what company’s they own
Bobbi Brown
Estee Lauder
Tom Ford
And many more

I was abel to get a pass of my lovely friend Jo about a year ago. I also did ask to become a member and they where so love about it and i was abel to join 

The store does not have all stock from retail stores they sell overstocked items and items that have changed their packaged foe example Mac pigments. Mac pigments have changed to a smaller jar but the Estee Lauder shop sell the bigger jars

This store is for staff members and membership cardholders
There is 3 locations Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

How can you get your hands on a Estee Lauder pass or membership?
 There is 3 ways you can get your hands on some
1.     Work for the Estee Lauder company
2.     Work in a industry that is connected with Estee Laude for example Qanta’s as you need to look your best as a flight attendant
3.     3.Have a one off pass that allows you to enter the store and ask nicely if you can become a member they can say yes or no. No harm in asking

If you can ever get your hands on a one off pass you MUST go .
One off pass and Membership card

Note: you can only spend $500 at one time.
My first visit I spent almost $500 and I got so much



  1. Awww best swap I ever did! thanks for the blog love hon :) EL corporate store the receipts I have to hide from my hubby LOL that shop is sooo addictive x

  2. The EL store is a place I am looking forward to visiting. EL has so many great companies in their portfolio and I think they may be buying Smashbox as well. Love Tom Ford so hope there will be just as great discounts when I go.

  3. where is the estee lauder staff shop in melbourne???
    much love

  4. Hey Claire

    The address is Suite 11, 4th Floor Illoura Plaza, 424 St Kilda Rd Melb 3004

    It should be on your vip pass or membership card.


  5. Hi girls,

    could you please tell me how I could sign up to become a member of the Estee Lauder staff shop or where I can get a pass? I am regigging my blog at the moment and promise to refer to your blogs when I post so we can spread this love for make up as a team :D