Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Is your Makeup EXPIRED?

Every 6 Months I go through my makeup collection and throw out anything that I think is out of date or old. I know some girls would be screaming as to way I do this. Once you open a makeup or skin care product it starts to go out of date.
Bacteria, yeast and mould starts to grow on all products.  Some people choose not to throw out any ever but that’s there choice. I’m a germ freak and being a free lance makeup artist I need to make sure all my items are in good condition

How to tell when a product expires:
For example Chanel Bronzer 18MONTHS
On the back of every product you will see a little circle that will say 6M, 12M, 32M and so on. This is how long you can use the product for.
Ill post a picture on the side.

Signs of product disintegration:

  • Change of scent.  It hard to explain but it may smell old or like cheap makeup
  • Lipsticks with a dull colour or evidence of moulds
  • Nail polis and mascara that goes all gluggy.

When should you replace your cosmetics?

Liquid eyeliner: 3 Months after opening.
Mascara: 3 to 6 Months after opening.
Natural or Organic products: up to 6 Months of opening.
Lip and eye pencils:1 year after opening.
Sunscreen: 1 year after opening.
Nail polish: 1 year after opening.
Skin care products: 1 year after opening.
Foundation: 1-3 Years after opening.
Powders: Up to 3 years of opening.

I hope that helps Beauties



  1. I bet you a heap of mine has expired>< I am such a hoarder though, gah

  2. Fab post hon! I am a HUGE hoarder as you know... would almost cry having to throw my lovelies out! although I am getting better, I do only use sample sized mascara's so they get chucked out regularly and nail polishes when they get all chunky and hard to apply.